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We cater to entrepreneurship and encourage beneficial professional and social connections. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional or just love to socialize, we are for you.

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About Connections HTX

Founded in 2018, ConnectionsHTX has brought together entrepreneurs and young professionals of the Houston area with the intention of fostering business relationships.

We believe in the power of networking to elevate both personal and business growth through interactive activities and educational experiences. We have successfully held events, professional workshops and volunteer opportunities to connect our guests to their next successful endeavors. 

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Our experiences aren’t just ordinary networking events. We carefully pull together a collection of elements including entertainment, venues, activities and themes to entice social engagement and learning from others within your industry.

Vol. 1 – Social • Art • Food & Drinks • Business • Music

Our Vol. 1 Experience introduced our social club to the city of Houston, allowing our guests to become familiar with Connections HTX and our plans of future workshops, community partnerships, and event collaborations.

Vol. 3 – Vision Book Experience • New Year | New Goals

Our Vision Book Experience kicked off the new year with the creation of vision books that expressed our long and short-term goals. To this day, we know of guests who carry their book with them as a reminder of the goals they plan to achieve.

Vol. 7 – Getting to Business Experience” – Networking • Social

Our “Getting To Business” experience broke down the differences of tax entitlements such as LLCs, S-Corps, Partnerships, etc. In addition to introducing the different types of tax benefit, we helped each guest figure out which option would work best for them and their business.

Networking is an ongoing process, not limited to a one time interaction. Success comes from consistently making new contacts, following up and keeping in touch.

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Would you like to learn more about our events and workshops? Leave us a message, and we will be more than happy to connect with you.